Changes I Can Maintain

This is my new motto. I think to myself, ‘If I’m going to reach my goal weight by May, I had better start working out twice a day!’ However, like I mentioned in my last post, some lessons you have to learn more than once; but after a while you hopefully learn once and for all! I know that if I over do it at the gym or simply stop eating, I’ll never be able to keep that up! Making small changes that you can maintain is better than making a huge change that you can only do for a few months tops! Continue reading


A little here and there

A few of my co-workers are trying to watch most of the movies that are up for Academy Awards this year. It’s been a blast getting to watch a few of the movies with them, but they are way hard-core. Their goal was 2 movies a week to get caught up and be on top of the game when the awards come around. Sickness happened and they are a little behind but I think they’ll be fine. They are a determined bunch. So far, of the ones I have seen and heard about, and knowing who won with the Golden Globes, my prediction as to the winners are as follows:

Best Movie: This is a toss-up between Inception and The Social Network (I didn’t see it but it won the GG)

Best Actress: Natalie Portman (As crazy and, well yeah, crazy! as the movie was, she preformed quite well and deserves this award)

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (He really might not win, but in my opinion, he did an excellent job in Inception – I generally don’t care for him, maybe it’s his sly/cocky attitude, but this movie changed my view)

So there you have it, and let’s face it these are the most important winners, so that’s all I really focused on.

Moving on, let’s discuss cooking. Recently I’ve been dabbling a little here and there in the world of culinary practices. I have found that chicken bores me and I’m not very good at working with it, or finding recipe’s that I like. I grew up on it, and when I cook I find that I love to try new proteins that I’ve never had and certainly have never tried! I don’t know why, but they grab my attention and I have to do it. I seared a tuna and made a chutney (thanks to Ina Garten) and before my first bite I thought to myself, “I sure hope I like tuna!” Turns out I do! I made a Pumpkin yogurt/pudding dessert for Thanksgiving, and I did not like it, but a lot of people came back to me and said they loved it. So that’s nice. And last night I made pork chops, while they were overcooked, the sauce that I made with them was so delicious. I think I’ll try again with this recipe soon, I’ll figure it out. In the meantime I will need to eat the chewy pork chop leftovers as an excuse to finish the sauce. MMM so good! The white chicken chili I made for a party was gone within minutes of putting it out: that was a nice feeling. And even my pumpkin bread pudding was a hit, granted I served it to boys who were starving, but they swore it was great, even though it wasn’t my favorite. Ultimately, I hope to come face to face with the most daunting and intimidating protein of all: Steak. I do love steak, and maybe this is why I’ve been putting it off for so long, I really don’t want to mess it up! See if I mess up tuna and pork chops, that’s alright, I didn’t know what to expect anyways! But steak? Steak I know how it should taste. I have tried to go outside of the expected in dishes, things most people don’t make, and by ‘most people’ I mean, Morgan and Mary Ruth, my older siblings. They experience with their own loves, and I try to do things they don’t touch (or at least if they have, I haven’t heard – except for chili) But STEAK!? That’s where they LIVE! Morgan makes a steak that melts in your mouth, and MR!? well there are just no words. So for me, I steer clear. But I am starting to think it’s time. And plus, I don’t have to tell them how it turned out – even though, ok let’s face the facts, I’ll be on the phone with MR the whole time. But still I think I should try it. I mean out of all the dishes I’ve made, I really only wrecked one, the pork chops, and really it wasn’t bad. So here’s to me and steak. I think I will try to tackle it this weekend. Wish me luck, and s ‘stress-free zone’

Now finally, let’s talk about the book that’s changing my life: boundaries. If you don’t own this book, do not pass go, do not collect $200 – go now to your nearest book store or open a new tab and get to Amazon. You NEED this book. I started reading it and the first chapter basically said, “Emily, you need to pay attn, this is for you.” I don’t think I’m alone in having problems setting up boundaries for myself. I really do think to myself, “How can I be loving if I tell this person, “No”?” Or, “It’s wrong of me to turn down taking responsibility for something when I do have the time and resources.” I make myself available to everyone far past what I should actually give. In the end, I have so much resentment toward the people I love, and it’s my own fault. I have told them “Yes, I can do that”, “No I don’t mind at all” and “It’s not a problem, I’ll pay” when really I want to say “No”, but I am guilt-ridden if I do. This book is helping me to see that God is the original boundary maker. He says, I love this, and I hate that; Do this, Don’t do that. A big one for me was the distinction between “Bare one another’s burdens” and “Carry your own burden”. I was always confused at the gleaming contradiction. I knew the Bible shouldn’t contradict itself, but I never had been able to solve this problem. But now I understand.  We all have our own daily burdens that we must bear. The daily in and out responsibilities are the individual’s burden they must carry on their own. But the burden that others should carry are ones that one person alone cannot handle, these can vary. So our job is twofold: discerning what are our own responsibilities that we should be doing for ourselves, and what are things we should ask for help on; and secondly, how we should respond to others’ burdens saying, no that is something you should be dealing with yourself, and yes I can help with that impossible task.

I have certainly not arrived, but I’m starting to feel less pressured to respond in a ‘people-pleasing’ way, knowing that this is what God wants for me. I shouldn’t respond to things out of guilt, but rather out of love and a desire to help.