A little about me

I’m just a girl trying my best to live according to the Bible, love Jesus and love people. And this is my blog. I write because it gives me an outlet to voice my opinion and occasionally to vent. More importantly, I write because it’s one of the best ways I can communicate my feelings. So while I tend towards humor what you read is raw emotion. At least as raw as I can get onto paper.

I also find that if I can track my progress to the world on my personal goals then I’ll have some kind of accountability – and who knows, maybe it will help you along your path to accomplish yours too! You’ll find a lot of my focus is generally on my relationship with Jesus, finances, and health.

**Recently my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). During this time, I’m finding that writing about my experience while walking through this terrible time is helpful for me. And maybe, if you read this, and you’re walking through your hell on earth, you can find here that you’re not alone, and maybe some encouragement.


One thought on “A little about me

  1. Hey! I just want to say that I have read some of your blogs, and I think they are great! You seem like such a real, well, cool, girl. Of course, I am sorry to hear about your mother. I, myself, went through a pretty decompassitating (or however you spell that?!) illness a few years ago. I could have died, I guess. And, I can see now how painful that must have been for my loved ones. Anyways, I will pray for your mother, as so many people prayed for me. Prayer is awesome! Thanks for sharing, your story really moved me.
    Love ya!

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