Weight Loss Update

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m terrible at this. But since I’ve been reading so many other people‘s blogs on their weight loss journey, it’s inspired me to be more open about it all.

It’s been a long, tiring 10 months. I started slow, baby steps, and have made changes that I knew I would be able to continue throughout the process. I’ve never been one to do a crash diet to lose 10 pounds in 10 days or anything like that. I’ve always wanted to make changes that I could maintain. I’ve done a pretty good job.

Only recently have a really been able to put a stop to eating out whenever there’s a group going. That was a hard one. I’m super social and love to be…where the people are (I couldn’t help myself). But I’ve tried to change my relationship with food. Now, I might go out once a week to eat – otherwise I’ll eat beforehand and still join the crowd. They don’t seem to mind that much. Though I have received looks of complete shock, with slight disdain, when I turn down a beer. I mean, I am shocked at myself! But after all this time, I’ve been weaning myself off of dinner’s glass of wine or beer and Friday night drinks. It’s taken some time, but not only does my body and wallet thank me, but I’ve become more satisfied with myself knowing that I can make a decision and stick to it!

It’s been a process. One that seems like I might not ever get to the end. Then I realize how much I have changed and I appreciate this process. I feel better (energy-wise), but I also have way more self-confidence. I’m not at my goal weight – I still have a tummy, these lovely back-fat love handles – but I have changed.

It’s not easy. I’ve cried (this is actually a big deal). I’ve gone weeks with no movement on the scale. I’ve worked out so hard I nearly threw up (multiple times). And though some people might lose 30 pounds in a 2 months, it’s taken me 10 months to lose 28. But I’m so proud of myself. I have finally learned that I can’t compare myself to other people. I’m not them. My life is different and so is my body. So I am stoked about my progress and for the changes to come.

I’m 9 pounds away from my goal weight. I’m 5’6″ and 159 lbs. Some days that feels like an eternity – but today I feel pretty happy that I’m way closer to my goal weight today than I was 10 months ago.

Enjoy the process – Here’s to you!

What changes have you made that you were able to maintain throughout your process?


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. I freaking love you. I may have almost cried reading this… simply because I am so proud of you. I know how hard this journey is. I am certain that you have made lasting changes. Cutting out the eating out is (still) hard for me. I have an app on my phone that has nutrition info for restaurants and I use that all the time to try to figure out the best choice when I do eat out. You are SO close to your goal! I’m right behind ya (by like 30lbs… LOL) Keep it up! (and please come visit me sometime)

    • Thanks Court! You’ve been such an inspiration to me! And don’t worry – I’ll get over there sometime. It’s on my list.

    • Thanks! I will be driving through on the way to OBX this weekend. But that’s how my trips to RVA have become. Drive-bys. It’s sad.

  2. I’m so excited for you Emily! It is so tough, and like spiritual growth, it can take a while to see the progress when it feels hard. But I am confident that you can stick to your changes, meet your goal weight, and feel great regardless. You have been an encouragement for me!

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