Witness Opportunity Fail

I walked out of the gym this morning and noticed a woman holding the door waiting for me to come after her. I stepped up my pace and thanked her as I walked through. She said, “It’s good for a lady to be a gentleman every once in a while. That way, if I’m reincarnated as a male, I’ll be practiced.” 

I laughed with her and didn’t say anything. My immediate thought was, “keep your mouth shut, Emily, just walk to your car – this lady is crazy. Plus, you’ll probably offend her with your views anyway.”

We were parked near each other and she just kept talking to me until I reached my car. I said good day and got out of the rain. Then it hit me: how come she can talk so openly about her beliefs with no care in the world if it’s offensive to me, but I stay silent about the actual truth? Why should I feel bad saying, “It’s a good thing I don’t believe in reincarnation then!” or even “Jesus saved me from having to put my hope into coming back as something/someone else! Cause I would lose it if I came back as a man!” Not to mention, if I’m working in saving myself for marriage, there’s no way I’m going through this waiting thing again!

It just hit me like a ton of bricks that she could be so open about her beliefs and I couldn’t. I was ashamed of myself. But the Lord made His point – I have some work to do. Our city is spiritually poor and I need to be ready at any moment to be a witness for the Lord.


One thought on “Witness Opportunity Fail

  1. hmm…:) such a good reminder. Thanks for sharing, Emily. We simply need to walk in the truth. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. The truth is God’s love for you and her doesn’t change by how much any of us do for Him. He’s smiling down, loving the fact that you’re moldable, teachable and desire to see His will done in your life. Don’t beat yourself up. Just walk in who He’s created you to be and share His love every chance you get. 🙂

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