Changes I Can Maintain

This is my new motto. I think to myself, ‘If I’m going to reach my goal weight by May, I had better start working out twice a day!’ However, like I mentioned in my last post, some lessons you have to learn more than once; but after a while you hopefully learn once and for all! I know that if I over do it at the gym or simply stop eating, I’ll never be able to keep that up! Making small changes that you can maintain is better than making a huge change that you can only do for a few months tops!

Recently, within the past 4 months, I’ve started to make my weight and finances a real priority in my life. These things are not going to change on their own. As much as I wish I would just wake up and be 135 lbs with all my debt paid off and money in the bank – it ain’t gonna happen! It takes work, long, hard, motivated work and a lot of encouragement.

There are so many ‘fad-diets’ and ‘get-rich-quick’ scams that actually might work for the now, but because you haven’t developed the discipline and lifestyle changes to maintain the result, you end up falling right back into the rut you were in before you started! Why is it that the only answer to really losing weight and keeping it off is diet and exercise? It’s 2012! Is there really no pill yet that will let us be lazy and still look awesome and have stamina? No. There isn’t. And why do I actually have to learn to budget and stick to it? Can’t I just spend what I think I should spend? I always believed that when you grow up and have a family, there’s just naturally more money in the bank! At 65 everyone should be able to retire, right? No. It takes discipline. But the Lord created us this way. We have to train our bodies and wills. We have to learn to keep the body/flesh under the control of the spirit, not visa-versa.

This is huge. I don’t care if you’re naturally a skinny person or not, if your flesh determines what you will eat and how you will act, you are behaving outside of what the Lord has for you. Just because you were born into a wealthy family, doesn’t mean that you have the right to spend money without thought. That money was given to you from the Lord and He needs to be in control of it. That body is not yours. You have to treat it as the gift and temple that it is.

As the Lord is showing me these things, it encourages me to push on and continue to fight. So as I work on my finances and my weight loss, I remember that this is not just a one-and-done kinda thing. I’m creating a life-style of a healthier person, financially and physically. It gets discouraging when I plateau, or there are still months until I pay off my next item (my car; it should be done in April), but I have to remind myself (which usually looks like me giving myself a pop-talk in the mirror) that if I keep up the work, attack the problems with intensity and don’t make changes I know I can’t maintain, then the changes will come and there will be a reward. It’s tough, but they do come.

I’m down 11 lbs from when I started. I feel like with all the work I’ve been doing that number should be WAY higher, but hey, it’s alright. I have to tell myself that it’s more about being healthy and pleasing the Lord than getting to a lower number.


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