That quickly became a reality!

For more than one reason, I tossed and turned last night, unable to fall asleep. The inability to breath properly because of my cold  certainly didn’t help and was the main culprit of my situation. However, while I coughed myself in circles, I also was thinking about what the possibility of being abducted in Charlottesville was. All of our doors were locked, but I sleep by a window. Could someone grab my from there? I like to think that I would put up a good fight, but how long would I last against 3 or more men? I’m not so sure. My muscles jerked as I thought out a plan of action thinking through the scenes of “Taken”, I even cleared my sore throat in anticipation of screaming so the other girls would hear me.

Finally, I fell asleep.

Today I had lunch with Tahni and told her about it and we laughed together about the possibility and my plan of action, just in case. After she left, and I started cleaning my room and paying bills, things any normal person would do on their day off, I suppose. I had been to the gym, so I thought it was a great time to jump in the shower.

I’m just minding my own business, thinking to myself, “Is it fair that boys get ‘No Shave November’ and girls don’t? Well, let’s face it, it’s the winter. But it’s pretty warm out and I did wear shorts today, I should shave – just to my knees. Now if I wear an orange shirt and a black vest, will I look like Holloween?” BOOM.

It clearly sounded like the door just closed. I grab my razor – what am I gonna do? Shave his leg? It was the dullest new razor I’ve ever held. I think, “Sampson must have just jumped off the counter, no big deal.” Then I hear a man voice muffled because of the running shower. This was it. I knew it was the Holy Spirit last night. I hear, “Hello” – I almost fell over from relief.

“Dad?” I had totally forgotten that during lunch my dad had called and asked me to get together “Snow Leopard” so he could take it home to mom on his way back home from his parents. “Emily, your door was unlocked! Any man could have just walked in here! What are you thinking?!” Clearly I wasn’t. Oh well. I told him where to grab the cd and then he left. But was sure to tell me he was locking the door on his way out. Oh brother. That will get your heart racing!


2 thoughts on “That quickly became a reality!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! omg, i just panicked while i was reading this. but i figured since you had just emailed me that you must have survived the brawl with the unknown man but wielding your dull razor as a secret death weapon. glad to be reminded it was just your dad. 🙂

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