A Full Heart

I think I was lied to when I was at Teen Mania – and at college for that matter! They always told me, “this is the best time of your life. Never again will you be able to live next door to your best friends.” But as I look at my life now, I can’t help but smile. I was driving home from tutoring tonight and just thinking about my life and my heart almost exploded. It’s a strange feeling. It’s like things couldn’t be better. I just have this feeling down in my soul that I’m taken care of and loved. Within a two-mile radius of my home I can get to my best friends’ homes. I mean, I live with my best friends still! We’re all plugged in at the same church and we all are (for the most part) in the same phase of life. But even those who are married and even have kids are still plugged in and we can have fellowship so easily together.

When I left TM I thought I would never make another friend. I thought that my life was basically over and I was left to minister to the rest of the world. But I’m so happy to find out how wrong I was! (well ministering is still necessary at times – but who knew the Lord still was gonna look after me even after I left Bible school!?) College was spectacular. I made awesome friends and we’ve all gone our separate ways and by the grace of God I’ve been able to open up to new people and experience a full life. (I of course still do and will always love those friends from TM and UVA and keep in touch – but that’s besides the point) Every once in a while Satan sneaks in and reminds me of things I don’t have and things I might be missing out on, but when you have such a full life, those things don’t matter as much. Hey, I’ll get married in the Lord’s time. I’ll have my own place eventually. But right now, the Lord is good and He has provided for every need.

I just thought I’d share a bit about the Lord’s grace and kindness towards me. Maybe it will help you be reminded of His loving kindness in your life. I don’t know, this was just something I had to share.


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