Sunglasses and Umbrellas

It’s true the two things you should always have on you, or at least with you, are sunglasses and an umbrella. You just never know when it will change from being sunny to rainy or vise-versa. We left last-night for Cornwall – the little pan-handle off the left side of the country. Becca’s friend, Heather, has family that lives out there so we spent the night there at their house. Of course the first thing they offer us is tea. It’s becoming a trend, whenever we walk inside anyone’s home, even Becca’s, in the middle of the day, someone turns on the kettle and gets the tea out. It’s becoming a habit – so be ready Willard girls. We settled in and chat for a few hours. Her parents are awesome – they were off for ‘holiday’ to France the next day (today) for a 10-day trip. We woke up, drank tea and had toast and then made our way out to tour Cornwall.

We started off at St. Micheal’s Mount. So the thing with this one was that you can walk up to it during low tide but when the tide comes in you have to take a boat! It was really cool and the sights were just fantastic! Of course the weather was a bit spotty and it drizzled and was cold and windy. But so pretty. Of course it was drizzling and cold. I had forgotten to bring a sweatshirt so I had to borrow one.  was thankful for my Birkenstock I brought.

We jumped in the car and drove over to St. Ives. It’s a little Cornish fishing town. Oh. My. Goodness. it was so cool. The weather here was warm and sunny. The rain left and I wished at that point that I was wearing flip flops and had my sunglasses. Like the epitome of European towns. 6 foot roads cram packed with people and shops. We sat in a restaurant  right on the water. It was awesome. The harbor outside saw at low tide so the boats were just sitting in the mud, but after we walked around for a bit and passed it again, all the boats were floating. The water was a beautiful green and clear. I loved it.We picked up  traditional Cornish pasties. It’s basically a Stromboli but filled with Shepherds pie. Not so good. But something you’ve got to do.

We left there and headed over to a peninsula of sorts that was just so pretty. We could see an island with a lighthouse, cliffs and seals. Please note – it’s super windy up there and I just wasn’t prepared. Of course by this point of the day it was warm and sunny but the wind picked up to about 80 mph! Who saw that coming?!

A little of this and that:

– The national speed limit is 70mph. If they want you to drive slower they will put up a speed limit sign.

– During menopause you get hot flushes.

– Their fire places are more like heaters with fake coals on top. Not even gas flames. Just fake coals.

– If you have electric garage doors then you are one of the rich elite, “hoity-toity” type.

– “Posh” is a word they use like we use “preppy”. It can be not a good thing.

– Most breweries own pubs. But “free houses” are pubs that allowed to sell whatever beers they want.

– ‘Real ale’ is ale that is brewed traditionally. They have to use a hand crank instead of a normal pull you see on draft.

– You go to Primary school from 4 to 11, secondary school from 11 – 16 and then college from 16 – 18 then to university from 18-21.

– “Chock-o-block” = Bumper to bumper traffic.

– “Motorway” = Highway


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