I am sad to say, that this jet lag thing is really effecting me. I thought that if I stayed awake that first night and wore myself out that first day I’d be just fine. Not the case. I think I’m still suffering from it a bit. I have yet to make it through a full night of sleep. You can pray for me for that. Otherwise things are going really well. Hopefully you’re getting a good idea of what this trip is like and everything I’m seeing and such.

Today Becca and I had decided would be a day to see Oxford so that she could get some Visa stuff worked out. Lucky for me Oxford was a place I had wanted to see anyways! So we drove through the countryside for about an hour to get there and were just stunned by the buildings there. This university is beautiful. There are really no words. We only had an hour but I took a bunch of pics. I just wish you could see the whole of the place. We kind of didn’t talk much we were so stunned at the beauty of it all. We grabbed a coffee and headed home pretty quickly (it cost 2.50 for an hour of parking – lame). You can go to my facebook page for all the rest of the photos.

So I had told Becca that I was cooking dinner tonight so we hit up a butcher for some ground beef and then the grocery store for food. I made us Cincinnati chili and we had talked to a few girls to come over to join us. Notable things about the grocery store: the cart has all four wheels that can turn, not just the front two. It was really hard to get accustomed to. And just to get a shopping cart you had to place a pound coin into a little slot attached to the cart to unlock it from the chain of the cart in front of it. The coin then sticks  half way out but is completely irretrievable! You get the coin back when you return the cart and attach the chain from the cart in front of it and it pushes the coin out. This is all to keep homeless folks from stealing the carts. Unbelievable.

So dinner prep goes well – minus the fact that I’m so tired I have to fight the urge to just go to bed for the night. The girls came over and I was afraid that they might not like the chili cause it is well, American! Turns out they loved it and all got seconds! Whew! Crisis averted! They stayed for a while and we just talked. I learned so much and here is what I’ve decided: This is actually a foreign country and the only thing we have in common is our language – but even that is tricky cause I would freak if I heard my sister ask my mom for a rubber. Turns out, it’s just an eraser. I’m still processing some of the information. It’s so foreign. Props to Becca who has moved here. Being here for a week has exhausted me. I have to really stay focused if I want to keep up with the fast pace of the conversation.

Eat your hearts out Americans – England is weird:

– All Indian food is considered “Curry”. Not like the few dishes that actually have curry in them, the whole of the Indian cuisine. That’s like calling all Mexican food “tacos” and then asking someone who ordered an enchilada how their taco was. It’s not even similar.

– When you park you need to pull in the side view mirror on the side that’s in the road – it will get hit. That’s how close they drive to the side of the road. It’s maddening! I have to close my eyes and not just cause they drive on the wrong side of the road.

– “Are you queuing up for” = “Are you in line for”

– My traditional breakfast today at a restaurant included, an egg, two pieces of bacon (not quite Canadian bacon but similar) a sausage link that had a sweet hard crust on it and wasn’t fatty, two pieces of toast and yes, baked beans.


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