Mind the gap!

Today’s trip was to Bath! We got train tickets (only one more form of transport and I’ve covered them all!) to Bath, through Bristol TEMPLE MEADE…not through Bristol PARKWAY. A small error making our trip go from 45 mins to 2 hours. Ok I can’t be too upset, it was an adventure, right? The train ride was pretty nice, I see my dad’s obsession – alright, let’s not get carried away.



So we get to Bath, eventually, and just look around. It literally is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen! The buildings are all  connected. The homes are attached to stores and they are all this beautiful stone. It’s just breath-taking. I can’t help it, I want to live there. Seriously people, you have to go there. I would catch my mind wandering and I freaked, how could I not focus on this place!? So we walked around for a little while we saw the Bath Cathedral – which was HUGE! It was built in 1499 but the site had a church on it since the 800’s. It’s so hard for me to imagine life that long ago. Our country was barely a twinkle in the eye at that point!

We made our way over to Jane Austin’s CentER (not centre – but good luck convincing them they’re wrong). So her one novel she never finished only got to 17,500 words, “The Watsons” was sold to a library for 850,000 pounds. That’s about 50 pounds a word. So basically $75 a word. Craziness. Also, she lived off of 20 pounds a year. And her novels were published after she died. She died of (they are pretty sure) Addison’s Disease at age 41.  For other facts just go watch the movie Becoming Jane. Actually, one more thing, she only wrote two novels in Bath – she actually didn’t like living there, she was more of a country girl. Who knew?!

After Jane Austin’s place we hit up a tea room for afternoon tea! It had to be done, I am in England after all! The building was absolutely beautiful. We sat up to the table and the waitress came over and whispered something which I guessed was asking us for our order, so I just said, “we would like to do the afternoon tea”. She asked us what kind and we got English breakfast and Chai tea. Then she walked away and Becca says, “See?! They are so quiet! That’s why they think Americans are so rude, because they don’t just whisper all the time. It’s like I’m in a library, everywhere I go!” It’s the sad truth. So the tea was delicious but more importantly the sandwiches and pastries and biscuits were AWESOME! They use this cream instead of butter, but really its just like a butter, cream cheese combo and then give you jam and it’s just splendidly delightful! 😉 I don’t know how they get away with charging 17 pounds a person for it but they do. Becca says it’s the equivalent of going to the Jefferson for brunch…ok well I can see that, and plus it worked on me.

So then we left there, I did a little shopping and picked up my Starbucks mug from England 🙂 I have one from Jordan and Australia and so I needed one from here! My life goal is to get one from every country I’ve gone to/go to. I know, lofty. And went to these beautiful places to end our time in Bath, a city I’ll always love!
















Tid bits from today:

1. Don’t use “Quaint” apparently it’s not nice word to describe things around here.

2. I saw a sign on the door of a gym today, “I lost 2 stone!” 14lbs is a stone. And it’s not plural. So I guess unless you are losing 14 lbs at a time, it’s not news. Lost 10 lbs?? Nothin.

Lastly – Don’t tell Amanda Scott, but I think my heart is melting just a little for these two:


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