Cheltenham, England

Monday September 5th. Labor day to my friends in the states. Sadly I did not grill out or celebrate my working class or even hit up the lake. But let’s face it, it comes every year and I’ll get on it next time. Instead I spent the day roaming around Cheltenham, the city where Becca lives. But before we get into all that – I just have to tell you about my night. So if you’re following my trip you saw the two posts I made last night. So it took a few hours to write it all out and I started at about 11pm-ish. So around 1:30am I’m done and just bummin around the internet for a bit and look at the clock which tells me that it’s only 7:30pm. Unfortuneately for me, it actually felt like 7:30pm. I was ready to go out, hit the town do whatever, but instead I tried to force myself to sleep. I was doing alright – and if you know me well you know it takes a while for me to fall asleep. Last night was particularly hard. I wasn’t really tired but I knew I needed to sleep so I’m just making it hard on myself by stressing about it. But right when I am dozing I hear “BEEP”. Really loud. So I am startled and think that it’s something in my bag and I’m stumbling around desperately trying to find what it is then, “BEEP”. And all I can think of if Phil from Modern Family trying to find the smoke detector in the house. I go into the hall (it’s 2:30am at this point) and I find it, but it’s too tall. I basically give up trying to fix it, cause it’s WAY too high for me and I have nothing to stand on. I thought, “surely Tim of Becca will hear it.” Nothin. Well fastforward a few hours and it finally stops and I get some sleep. Oh what a nightmare. Luckily I got enough sleep to make it. We fixed it today.

So after we decide the plan for the day we head off to Sudeley Castle. King Henry VIII lived here for a while with Anne Boleyn. Later on it became the home to Katherine Parr, Henry’s 6th wife that outlived him. It was pretty awesome. It had a couple gardens and even St. Mary’s church was in it. This was where Katherine was buried. The church was beautiful and the castle was just stunning. There are two parts to the castle, the museum part and then the house. We weren’t able to go into the house because a family still owns it and lives there on the weekends. I think they leave on Monday’s or it gets cleaned on Mondays and so it’s not open to the public.

Afterwards we went into town and walked around a bit – it literally looks like the downtown mall in Cville! Just a little wider and longer. We went upstairs over a bookshop and met a friend for coffee. Their coins are a little confusing to me so paying with cash takes some time. The general rule is that the bigger and heavier they are, the more you want to hold onto them. I guess it’s a universal rule. We sat outside on the balcony and chatted for a while it was really nice. The weather is probably in the 70s. They are saying that Autumn starts tomorrow. Becca swears that summer never came.

We hit up an Italian restaurant for dinner. I was warned that they don’t do Italian well so I knew not to expect too much. Good thing. I mean it wasn’t bad. It just tasted like something I could get from Trader Joes. BUT we did have a coupon, oh excuse me, a voucher so that we could get buy one meal get one free. So 10.50 (=~$15) for two meals at a nice restaurant is fine with me.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day – we’re going to Bath – so we called it a night and came home a little early. Fine with me since I didn’t really sleep much last night!

England tid-bits:

1. They don’t like Americans. Some even say they refuse to like us. Like they won’t give us a chance. I try to remind them that they shouldn’t be such soar losers. #itwas240yearsago

2. Don’t follow the American – she’ll get you killed in traffic (yes, that’s me)

3. They really don’t put ice in your drink.

4. They avoid their neighbors so much that they don’t even pull into their driveways to turn around, “It’s rude” is the reason I got.

5. Their is basically no patriotism here. It’s sad. I saw an American flag before an English one.

6. People don’t drive far. Even though England is an island – you can’t find seafood anywhere but the coast. I heard that an older couple broke up a 4 hour drive and spent the night at a B&B after 2 hrs. Even my age group complain about a 3 hour drive to visit a place for an over night trip.

7. It doesn’t rain much – it spits.

8. They REALLY hate France.


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