In another world

Today was my first full day. I’m happy to say that they don’t only drink tea – I needed coffee, strong coffee today. I slept till about 10 on and off. At first I was scared I was gonna have to deal with some intense jet lag – but once I got coffee I felt as I should. Whew! We sat around for a bit chatting and what not and then Tim went off to children’s church…to teach. So Becca and I got to catch up and get ready for the day. It’s nice being here and visiting Becca I really did miss her and I’m happy to be spending time with her. And it’s just a huge plus that it’s here in England! So once Tim got back around 1:30 we left for this cathedral. Maybe you recognize it? Yes indeed – it was the cathedral that parts of Harry Potter were filmed in. I, in fact, had no idea, but Becca, an avid reader of HP informed me. They used the halls and big rooms. I would have felt foolish going and and not taking any pics like this for you people, so here you go! There was a little restaurant around the corner of this place that was so cute, it was called “Comfy Pew”. Hehe, cause it was by the church. Ok, I laughed.

So then we hit up a strip mall for some craft project material (no, not for me). There was a “Toy’s R Us” and a Burger King in it. Pretty American. Then headed home, had more coffee and went off to church.

So the church looks like an old building but inside it’s totally moderns EXCEPT that there are old stone plaques. But they more resemble headstones in a cemetery than they do a plaque. Apparently they are to honor those to gave to the church. It just makes the church look hundreds of years old.

After church (it was a good service – not as good as CCC but decent) we headed over to their coffee house and drank tea and coffee and had a cracker then went off to dinner (indian) with about 13 others. It’s pretty cool hanging out with a group of people. It’s way better being visiting a friend and meeting her friends than going somewhere new and being the tourist not really getting to talk to people. I couldn’t believe how hard I had to pay attention when people we talking. I had to really focus to understand their accent. They either over annunciate or just straight up leave out letters. For instance the guy asked if we wanted something “ba ard”. WHAT?! oh you mean BATTERED! well yes of course! It’s difficult. Also, I thought that the Indian accent came standard- no, they also have a touch of English accent to them. Good times.

Here comes the kicker. We leave at 10pm from the restaurant and I’m wide awake. So Becca’s about to fall over she’s so exhausted and I’m ready to hit the town! I guess jet lag is inevitable. Bloody heck.

New tid bits about England:

1. All the swans belong to the Queen. All of them.

2. England is NOT considered to be a part of “Europe”. Its in the UK. Don’t get it confused.

3. It’s not “totally brilliant” or “really hot” it’s “proper brilliant” or “proper hot”. Who knew it was cool to be proper…

4. They pick and choose what they will do in the metric system and if they will use the 24-hr clock or the 12-hour clock.

5. If you go to school in England and your school loans are >25 years old, they get wiped off. Also if you move out of the country, they can’t track you down to get the money. SEND YOUR KIDS TO ENGLAND FOR SCHOOL!

6. Scotland, Wales and England all use the same laws – it’s all the UK.

7. College in Scotland is free for the Scottish. The Prime Minister grew up in Scotland and got his degree for free, but is pushing bills for people to pay for their school. It’s apparently a touchy subject here.

And lastly this is the bedroom I’m staying in:

Yes that is Disney princess wallpaper and princess figurines on the window sill. I just don’t have words. But hey, I’m happy for free lodging. 😉


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