Cars, Planes and Busses…trains later.

It took a little over 24 hours to get here – but I did it…without losing my cool (a huge success). First a nice little drive with Mom and Mrs. Tran to Dullas (naturally mom snored a good portion of the way) then a quick 1 hour flight to Toronto Canada. I knew that I had a 7 hour layover so I brought along with me “The Help”. Best idea I could have made. It’s a great book and super long.  I figured that I wouldn’t let myself sleep in the airport so that I’d be really tired in the plane and sleep in the air. What I didn’t see coming was sitting beside a family with a 1 year old. Needless to say, no sleep for Emily. LUCKILY the had plenty of “Modern Family” and that new movie “Soul Surfer” (ps – the acting on the part of the girl is sub-par, but totally worth it) to watch. So when I finally did make it to Heathrow, a bit tired and a lot irritated, I made my way to “passport control”. Naturally it hits me – I have to use the bathroom right now. Like, right now. Not only that but because our flight was late my 2 hour pillow of time I gave myself is now closer to a 1 hour pillow. It’s then that I remembered something I read recently though I had heard it be preached a number of times. Hey look, I never said I was perfect. But I remembered, when I pray I no longer carry the burden, it’s on Him now. I know, it’s the little things. So there I am in this endless line praying to the sweet Lord to hold my bladder cause I can’t. Then of course I quote Psalm 23…i don’t know why, it just came to me. And before I know it I don’t have to pee and the line is soaring! I get out and go to baggage claim wait for my bag and get to the “toilet” stat. PTL. Now comes trying to find “central bus station”. Lord help me. They should warn you, “oh are you looking for the bus station? Right, it’s about 5 miles underground that way!” Maybe an exaggeration, but it wasn’t close! Finally get there and wait for about 30 mins for my bus to take me to Cheltenham Spa. Don’t get too excited, it’s not a spa, it’s just part of the name. The bus ride is 1/2 highway and 1/2 windy roads. Let’s just say it took everything to not throw up a couple times on that trip. Finally, and I mean, FINALLY, the bus stops and I see Becca and Tim waiting for me. God bless them, I almost fell over when I hugged Becca. So I make it to their house, we chat for a bit and then I get to nap for a few hours. Ok like 1. But it was good, I got up we had fish and chips and headed over to the pub 🙂 to meet some friends. Pretty much epic. That was two of my requirements checked off in the first 5 hours!

Here are a few things I learned today about England:

1. They did not lose against America, they simply decided they didn’t want us any more.

2. Quid is slang for a pound.

3. The word D-I-C-K is actually not a negative word. (don’t ask me, I’m just learning)

4. The size of the average house refrigerator is what we use in dorm rooms.

5. England is to Indian food as America is to Mexican food. (and it’s good)

6. Things are ‘Brilliant’. All the time. It’s annoying. It’s like they don’t have any other adjective.

7. Even though we speak the same language, I get lost for a chunk of time in conversations because they are using words I have no idea what they are.

8. It’s not so much the driving on the wrong side of the road that gets me, it’s the parking in the road so no traffic can pass that gets me. If I was driving I’d probably sit behind a parked car waiting for it to go before I realize it’s actually parked. Ridiculous.

9. Their keyboard on their computers is jacked. The @ key is  where our ‘ is. #ANNOYING! Lucky for me, I brought my own computer so I don’t have to use theirs. Dodged a bullet on that one!


More to come…


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