Dabbling in the world of business and travels

I just got back from my first business trip late Sunday night. I was in Atlanta (the home of Coca-Cola) from Thursday to Sunday advertising our Prayerline for Kids curriculum at the homeschool expo there. Strangely, I felt quite at home among the moms dressed in their denim skirts and sneakers with their hair in buns and the like. Not to mention Pepsi wasn’t even an option, you know that’s my kind of place! I went to the conference to begin implementing the use of computers to register people for the subscription. Every time there was a conference the donor relations team would be inundated with forms we had to enter into the computer. Hours of our time would be used for data-entry though I felt like it was pointless when we should just have the people enter their own info straight into the system. Boom, next thing I know I’m working with the IT guy on the program and I’ve got a ticket to Atlanta to make sure it works. A few days later and I’ve got a ticket to Chicago lined up too!

I love traveling – I love it. So letting me travel and not having to pay for it out of my own pocket is really the most ideal situation for me. I leave Thursday morning for Chi-town and couldn’t be more excited. Ok, that’s not really the truth – if I could pick the co-workers that go with me, I’d be more excited. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I love that I’ve been given the freedom to make some changes to the way things are done around here. They let me share my ideas, and they like them!

Right now I’m in the process of ordering t-shirts for the mission. Technically they are for the volunteers that come through here as a token of appreciation but they will be available to the staff too. Who knows, maybe they’ll be available to donors and friends too.

On a slightly different note – I have always known that money is a problem area for me. I can make money – I’m pretty good at that – but then I just spend, spend, spend! It’s a terrible habit that I’ve got to break. I’ve tried creating a budget but then nothing stops me from over-spending. So I finally broke down and bought the Dave Ramsey program. I am so excited to sit down and write out a budget and get cash out so I can use his envelope system. I am excited about it and getting my debt paid off. It will be nice to pay for my retirement instead of paying for yesterday’s items.

And for the big finale…..I bought my ticket to ENGLAND! Finally I’ve booked the trip and I head out in the beginning of September! I’ve been trying to get back there since I first went back in 2000 something. I can’t even remember when in was! Too long. Entirely too long ago! So England, here I come!


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