It’s completely different than the Obama Change we were told we could hope for

Change is not something I generally hope for. I like things to be consistent. I used to think I was so far from being a ‘Type A’ person, but the more I learn about myself the more I realize that I love those conditions. I love a schedule, I love rules, I love consistency. I’m not boring I mean I can occasionally color outside the lines, but it’s somewhat uncomfortable. So when a major change happens I get rocked. I quickly look to the Lord and thank Him for His faithfulness and steadfastness. It takes a minute but I get there. I have to get past the numbness which over takes me. The attitude that says, I don’t care about it, in fact I care about nothing. Then the hurt comes on like a ton a bricks. But every time, I know that I can look to the Lord find a hope in this change, a new course for my life. I know that I can trust Him and that what He is doing is a good thing. He’s promised me that. He said that He wants good for me and I know He’s faithful to continue His work till my perfection is complete.

My momma told me there would be days like this…

I know that change is inevitable and it’s good. I mean, I did read, “Who Moved My Cheese?” Things happen, people change and I change. I can’t live in a world hoping that my schedule will always be the same and that other people will always be where I need them whenever I need them. Life isn’t like that. So what can I do? How now shall I live? Only through the Grace of God. Just like baseball is attacked one batter at a time, I can take this one day at a time, putting my hope in Christ – the only constant, faithful, loving One I know. I can only be rocked but so much so long as my hope is Him.


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