Days go by…

It’s kind of strange living in my college’s town, but not being a student. I really do thank God for getting me into a job around the same time school started back up for the fall semester. Life is so very different. I now get to be done working at a certain time, and that work stays where I leave it. I come home relax or do something exciting and don’t have the pressure of “you should be studying now” hanging over me oh so heavily.

The Lord has been so good. As I started working at Christian Aid, I thought that I would not fit in as, I didn’t grow up in a ‘normal’ denominational church as so many other believers did. I don’t know the different between Baptists and Southern Baptists, or 1st Presbyterian and 2nd. But this week I’ve been transcribing magazine articles for Dr. Finley and he talked about how Christian Aid was responsible for the translation of Watchman Nee’s book “The Normal Christian Church Life”. I love Brother Nee! It is just really nice to know that at least people know where I’m coming from.

In other news, I’m learning Cville from the eyes of a towns person and not a student. There really are loads of restaurants here. I had heard that they were here, I just had no idea where to look. Well, they are quite hidden! I’m so excited to find new places and meet new people. I think I really am falling in love with this lifestyle. It’s fairly low stress and if I want to read, I read, and no one forces me to!


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