I graduated?!

I have been looking forward to graduating college for quite some time. Probably since I began my collegiate career in 2006. Two years I spent working three jobs and doing full time school on the side with, well let’s face it – stellar grades, then two years of full time school and some side work with, well as we might have expected – less than stellar grades. School was the priority, but I wanted to make sure I enjoyed my time, and I totally did. Then graduation came, and low and behold they let me graduate!

But here’s what no one really talks about – the weeks of unemployment that directly follows. It’s one thing to be on vacation and not do any work. But it’s a completely different ball field when you’re not working and not on vacation and job searching becomes your official job. Not to mention, having to answer the same question a million times, “what are you going to do now?” and trying to stay optimistic, mostly for myself.

I do know one thing, I have always been provided for. There’s really no cliche about it, the Lord really is the great provider. He knows my needs and will provide for them. He knows the effort I put into getting a job and knows the best job for me. I just have to be faithful to do my part, and He is always faithful to do His.

While I was in college, people would tell me, “Enjoy your time, cause those are the best years.” I thought they probably had some kind of memory loss cause there is nothing more stressful than studying for midterms, finals and researching for papers. But they had a point, college is absolutely wonderful! I don’t think it has completely sunk in that I’m not going back. On the one hand I’m sad that it’s over and it’s on to a full-time job and more responsibilities; however, on the other hand, I took their advise and really made sure that I enjoyed my time and I had a blast. I’m ready to move on and look forward to the future and what fun and amazingness that holds for me.

I’ll end with this. Satan uses two weapons to wreck our lives (aka: to steal our joy) he has us focus on: 1) regrets of the past, and 2) worries of the future. I think about the past a lot and how fun college was and regrets I have often; and currently I an spending a lot of time worrying about my bills that are coming due and my empty bank account. I find that I am far more easily distraught, on edge and frustrated. But if I can just focus on today, and doing what I need to do now, and be here in the now, body and thought, enjoying today, I think I have a better chance of making it out alive and with my joy still in tact.


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