Commercials, Soccer and Jesus

You know that commercial where there are two tennis players getting ready to start their match, and out of nowhere a businessman comes onto the court and uses his briefcase as a racket. Soon the court is filled with nannies, construction workers, soccer players and a whole mess of people who have no idea what they’re doing on the tennis court. Of course the original two players give up and leave. Clearly it’s an ad for a website where you can search for a job that you are qualified for and others who are unqualified can’t use the website.

Now – yes it’s true I do love that commercial and really wanted to incorporate it into my blog somehow, but it does work, hopefully. So my thought is that Christianity can sometimes be like that. There is a way that is laid out on how to live the Christian life; though not everyone knows exactly what’s going on at first. Maybe a better example is when people try to get in on a soccer game but they don’t really know how to play. They are super passionate about the sport but end up just running sprints the whole game and interfering with their own team mate who are much more skilled than they are. Eventually they burn out, I mean you can only sprint but for so long before you pass out. They will learn the game soon enough but this passion has to be trained. Christianity can begin in a similar manner. You find Jesus and then you try to radically change your own life and easily get entangled into legalism and ideals that you miss the Lord in it all. But the Lord is so gracious and patient with us. He teaches us to contain that passion and use it effectively so as to not interfere with others and also to keep us alive and well in our walk with Him.

Maybe that commercial didn’t really help – it was more for a setting the scene for passion, but I liked it anyways. I guess the point of this blog is just to let you in on how I like to parallel daily things to the Lord. I played soccer the other day and was pretty terrible – and then this idea came to me, which I thought I might share.


3 thoughts on “Commercials, Soccer and Jesus

  1. I like it. I think your commercial example actually works really well. It makes sense, people are passionate about their faith, but they don’t always use that passion correctly, or understand how to use it the right way. Sometimes in their passion people say and do things in a way that it turns other people (like the professional tennis players) off to what they are trying to say or do.

  2. i found you! i know i’m a stalker. i like this blog a lot, good analogy! you shoudl go see my blog at

    congratulations on your graduation!!! how was it? sorry i couldn’t make it, i had no money at all.

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