Dry your tears

I started this blog months ago, but never finished it with the weight of finals weighing me down. So here it is, finally finished.

“As I walked on, the peace and serenity of the mosque crept into my heart. At the rail of the dim gallery above the cloisters, a man sat facing the Ka’bah transfixed, a Koran in his lap, and an Iranian woman stood alone quietly weeping” (Saudi Aramco: An American Girl on the Hajj).

I read this at first and wondered why the Iranian woman would be weeping. Maybe taking in the enormity of the Mosque was too much to handle; the beauty of having so many fellow muslims surround her in unity was too great to comprehend. Or maybe as she sat there with the Koran as her measuring stick, she realizes that she doesn’t live up to what is required of her. Then it hit me, with no Jesus, all there is, is hopelessness. Without Jesus, all we can do is beg God to have mercy on us for our short comings and pray that the lamb sacrifices are sufficient.

Where would we be without the life of Jesus? Without his sacrifice, all we would have to offer would be our half-baked attempts at perfecting this sinful un-perfected self. Maybe grades, awesome papers, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, or anything else we could do just to make sure that our bad qualities don’t out-weigh the good ones. Thank God that Jesus came and we can rest in freedom and have a fulfilling life. We don’t have to be worried about our status, we already know that we are filthy and worthless on our own. But when we have Jesus, what else do we need? We don’t have to weep and beg for God to accept what we offer. We don’t have anything to offer but our lives.

After studying different religions, and it didn’t come as a shock, nor did it take long to realize, but no other religion offers such a peace and fullness of life that Jesus offers and gives freely to us. Some religions make too much sense, and define God in such a way that eliminates any mystery, would He still be God if I could really understand Him? After a year and a half of studying religions, I thank God that I was raised in a Christian home and was blessed to have been given the chance to know the one true God.

Here’s a song, one of my favorite hymns that I woke up singing this morning.


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