I recently have looked at my life and mostly see hopelessness. I know, isn’t that a terrible thing for a believer to say? Of all the people I should be the one with the most hope. I should have more hope than I can handle! But recently, and my mom is probably right about these religion classes, I seem to be going through a stage of questioning. I think questioning is an important phase of any relationship, it makes you test and prove the foundations of the relationship. I know that the Bible is true and that God is who He says He is, but lately I’ve been wondering if He really can take who I am today and make me into the woman He wants me to be. I think that to me, it’s just such a huge jump that it seems impossible. But something occurred to me within this week that I really think I finally grasped today. Nothing is going to change unless I make it change. My mom told me that once. But let’s face it, I have no power to change anything, even at 22 I feel very set in my ways. The only way that I will see change and see the woman that God created me to be, is through prayer. It will only happen if I lay down and commit my day, my actions and everything to God, daily, hourly and even by the minute. I have to become a woman of prayer. Christianity isn’t just another world religion that people believe in. Jesus isn’t just another good prophet. Our God is not just another god to be revered and served. He is the true God and His word is true! We are not hopeless. It just takes some discipline, and once I jump back into the Word and throw myself into prayer I finally see how much hope there is!

And I’ve also decided it’s time to really be a woman of scripture too. It’s not worth it to not be in the Word, and not soaking in all the strength God has given us. I can’t fight these things on my own, and I’m a fool to have thought that I could.


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