Ava was right

Soak it in Ava, I don’t often admit I’m wrong. Don’t expect this to happen again 😉

I have finally found my real love language. I had always believed that the number 1 way I feel loved is quality time, followed very closely by words of affirmation and physical touch. But this week has proved that those are not the top ranked at all and I have been reminded me of something Ava told me a few years ago.

I was walking out of Ava’s house and we were talking about love languages and she said, ever so nonchalantly, ‘You know Emily, you are not as much quality time as you think. You are so acts of service.’ I laughed and blew it off. I didn’t care if someone washed my car or did my dishes, I would much rather do those myself so that I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. At least that was my logic. I’ve told everyone that I basically have a three way tie for 1st. No, I am wrong, and Ava is right.

Acts of service makes me cry every time. I could be that I’m overly sensitive lately; but it’s the truth. When people give, asking for nothing in return, not even my time or anything I couldn’t feel more loved. I think that until recently I didn’t really receive many/any acts of service. At least maybe ones I didn’t feel that I somehow deserved. But when people do things for me out-of-the-blue, there’s no feeling quite so wonderful. So there it is, acts of service. (But let’s not discredit the others, I still find them very important!)


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