I will cut you

Tonight was the Tenth Avenue North concert. I went with Amanda, Abbey and Phoebe. I guess I still think of Abbey and Phoebe as the ‘little girls’; oh my world changed a bit tonight.

It began on the trip over to the concert.

Phoebe: Emily, I have troubles.

Emily: What kind?

Phoebe: Boy trouble.

Ok not a bad start. But then, out of nowhere, it happened.

Phoebe: Emily, I just don’t understand, why can’t you just get married already?!

Yeah, she said it. She asks every time I see her. She can’t imagine that just maybe I’m doing the best I can, but it’s just not the right timing. Of course Abbey chimes in, ‘Yeah I can’t help you there, I’m awesome at getting boys.’ Awesome. But let’s continue.

Phoebe: Emily, have you been working out lately?

Emily: No, not really.

Phoebe: Yeah I can tell.

And that’s when Amanda immediately swooped in to my rescue and tried to affirm me, but alas, the damage was already done. Phoebe is lucky she’s alive. But wait, there’s more.

Emily: I’m so sorry Phoebe, I think I smell bad. I put on deodorant, I don’t know what the deal is.

Phoebe: (she leans over to smell me) No, you smell like Emily.

Emily: What does that smell like? What do I smell like?

Phoebe: Deodorant. Secret, right? Yeah, you just smell like that. hmm sad isn’t it that you just smell like a deodorant?

Conclusion of the evening: Phoebe deserves any boy problems she has and all the drama she has to endure in middle school; if you happen to be looking for me this week, you can find me at the gym; it’s a good thing I love my deodorant and don’t mind having it define my smell – more or less, though I could have sworn my hair product had something to do with it. Oh Pheobe, too bad you can’t do no wrong in my eyes, even when you make me cry or I want to punch you in the face.

Oh and I love TAN. The songs bring so much truth and thus, healing. It was great. It’s true, I cried through one of the new songs. But when I looked around, I was not the only one crying. I can’t find the lyrics, but it was good. that’s all.


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