So last Sunday my friends and I decided that we should all sign up for the church softball team. We got an email later in the week with our schedule. Game #1 against Larry’s Auto. SERIOUSLY?!?! I have met a few men that work in an auto shop, and they are huge. (side note: I needed to grab dinner before leaving the house so I was going to throw together a peanut butter sandwich and that’s when I noticed I bought CRUNCHY peanut butter. I’ve never been so mad in my life!) So we scraped together a team, cause not everyone who signed up was able to make it, and started practicing while the game in front of us finished up.

So you know that little kid movie, ‘Big Green’? Well there is one scene when the little disorganized team is passing the ball back and forth and then the other champion team walks out onto the field, dressed like knights and big enough to crush the other team with their pinkie finger. Right, so it was basically like that. The guys show up and one of the girls from our team turns and looks at us and says, ‘umm did anyone else see that those guys are HUGE?’ yes, yes they were.

These fields were super big too, like the chances of actually hitting the fence for an average person is quite low. No, not for these Philistines. One guy cleared the fence. I was blown away. They were quite good. Clearly they take this league thing pretty seriously.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. Even though we lost (15-2) we still had a great time. Yeah that’s right, we got 2 runs. One of the guys on our team slammed the ball into the outfield for a 2 run homer! And in our defense, the umpire said that he’s going to do some research and see if this other team should be in a different league! Good times.


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