Back to school…for real this time.

I moved all my stuff into my apartment over the course of the summer, and officially moved in August 8. But I still had work to do in Richmond that week so I did a good amount of commuting and then with this past week driving out east (beach, sailing, Busch Gardens) almost everyday, I stayed at my parents house. So now I have driven west on 64 for good this time. School starts Tuesday and so I’m now here for real.

I’m really excited for this year to start. I love having a schedule and a plan and a purpose for each day. I am excited for my classes to start, they sound pretty interesting and semi-fun. I’m starting to feel on one hand like I own the place, and I know I belong here; yet on the other hand, with most of my close friends graduated and gone like it’s all so different. I remember this feeling though. Going from intern to graduate intern I lost a lot of good friends as they moved home, all I had left were the memories. It was tough because this whole new group of people came in like a hurricane and changed the rooms had no idea who used to live in their new room, and I just had to move on. I think that’s what I’m going to do this time too. Last year was awesome, I met great people and had a fabulous time. And now I have another shot, new people, new classes, new roommates, new everything! So let’s get this thing started.

I just went out and got my books. One of my classes doesn’t even have books to go with the class yet – maybe it will stay that way. Here’s to hoping! Other than that two classes were each missing one book. So really I haven’t bought all my books yet but still managed to spend over $2oo. It’s really like a sin, how much they charge for books. It’s terrible.


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