I am the king of the mast! or queen. wte

1. Pawpaw asked if I like to drive. Well he actually said, ‘Emily, you really enjoy driving, don’t you?’ I really do! I love to drive. I love road trips and I love to be in control on the road. Ask Amanda, if she’s driving I’m actually telling her exactly what she should be doing. It’s really terrible. So instead of being the annoying passenger seat driver, I just choose to drive. Not to mention, if I’m not driving I fall asleep. The only way I stay awake is if I have to, thus, I drive. I just thought I would share that.

2. We went out to sail today and right as we were getting ready to put the sail up, the hook on the top of the main sail (the one in the middle of the boat) unhooked and dangled halfway up the mast. So after we motored back into the slip, engineered a very long stick, and repeatedly failing to pull the string down, I was hooked up to a seat-type thing and being hoisted up the mast. So after three or four hours of attempted rope retrieval, we finally succeeded.  VICTORY! and I was dubbed the king of the mast. It was awesome.

3. This week was my one week of summer with no work and all fun. Thus far I’ve hit up Busch Gardens, VA Beach, Deltaville for sailing, and a pinch of shopping. Thus far, epic. But as sad as it is, I am excited for classes to start on Tuesday and having a schedule.

4. I love fellowhiping with people my age. I don’t think there’s anything better than hanging out with someone and just talking about life, which of course can’t be talked about in any real depth without talking about Jesus. The other day I was just laying out at the pool talking to a friend and we’re joking about life and problems we find ourselves in and we just naturally began discussing how Jesus teaches lessons and how great He is. I love it. I love being a part of something so much bigger than myself.


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