The Adventures of Emily and Amanda

It hasn’t even been a week yet, and we already have like three memorable quotes. Amanda is adjusting to all the trees here in VA. Granted TX isn’t very much known for their greenery, so it was a bit crowded upon her arrival. She hadn’t even arrived to the apartment and she was yelling that there were so many trees here she couldn’t see a blasted thing! Also note to self, don’t try heavy lifting up steps in a skirt – it’s no bueno. You smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in? We have also come to the conclusion that one of us needs a boyfriend real soon, cause there are some manly projects that we are not so great at…though we can do it, it’s probably for the best if we didn’t. For example, we’re trying to replace the shower head, and can’t get the old one off – it’s impossible. But don’t tell Amanda I said that, she says she’s a ‘Texican’ and nothing is impossible for her. I think this one might be impossible. Although we did put shelves together last night – I just wouldn’t put anything on them. Today we played some tennis! She taught me the game a few years ago, so I knew she could play, and stupidly I thought I could win cause I had been playing a good amount. She schooled me several times. Well we didn’t get to finish a game so the score was 4-5, and I won…but I think she gave me some points. I had always laughed at the people who would straight up swing and miss, and coming from a baseball background it’s normal to strike, but in tennis you have that HUGE head on the racket, so how hard could it be to hit?! Yeah, well I swung and missed like 3 or 4 times. Oh boy. So far things have been awesome and I’m looking forward to a heck of a year!


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