So much to say

1. Overcomer

At church yesterday, the speaker was talking about the difference between Lot and Abraham, the worldly christian vs the godly christian. But his message was really on what it meant to be an overcomer. He gave a pretty concise definition, ‘An overcomer is someone who knows and obeys the Lord.’ He went on to say that an overcomer doesn’t always have to be someone who knows all the prophesies, or have an extensive track record with the Lord to be an overcomer. That’s who I want to be. I want to know the Lord close enough to hear what He’s telling me to do and to want to do it, even when it’s tough.

2. I only need the Lord to complete me. 

As humans, we were made for relationships, right? Any pastor will tell you that we were created to do life with other people. Somewhere along the way I began to understand that relationships were the most important thing. I put so much emphasis on friendships, or rather, too much. I have had quite the enlightening summer and have come to some conclusions. I typically live in the mindset of ‘When this happens, I’ll be happy’ or ‘When I’m with these people, everything will be right and good’. But without fail, every time I’m with those people, or that thing happens, unless I’m grounded in the Lord and have a thriving relationship with Him, it’s not as fulfilling as I had imagined it would be. It’s still a great time, but unless the Lord has completely fulfilled me, nothing else, no one person or thing, can make me whole. I know, it’s basic, and everyone knows this and you’re probably laughing at me as you read this and wondering why it’s taken me 22 years to figure it out. But, hey, better now than never, right?!

3. Millie’s for brunch

Finally Mary Ruth took me to Millie’s for brunch yesterday after church. We’ve tried to do it for over a year now, and just got the chance yesterday. And she was right, it’s everything she said it was. The food was great, and who doesn’t like a good Mimosa? MR got the spiciest Bloody Mary I had ever tasted. I think that is the greatest difference between us, she likes the spicy savory food; whereas, I would rather have a citrus or sweet food. (Don’t get me wrong I love salty foods, but between the two of us, I would more often pick sweets than she would.)

4. God is good – no matter what happens.

Yesterday at church a man stood up to make an announcement. He started to talk about how he fell in love with the Lord and how the Lord has carried him through and loved him and has proven Himself to this man. He went on about the faithful of the Lord and how precious the Lord is. Then, as more of a side-note, he mentioned that the surgery that he had that week was successful in ridding his body of cancer! But it was as if that was unnoticed. He made such a huge point to say that even if the surgery didn’t work, it didn’t say anything about how much God loved him or God’s faithfulness. God is good, all the time and everything He does is right. We don’t understand it all but His faithfulness has been proven over the ages. He knows what He’s up to.

5. Last week as a nanny.

It’s bitter-sweet. Alright, I admit it, it’s more sweet. These kids have given me a run for my money. I am not ready for motherhood. That is for darn sure. I’ll miss the funny things they say, though. They are pretty funny. But after this week I head back to C-ville and my friend comes to live with me! So yeah, I’m pretty excited to move on.

6. Speaking my mind – boldness. 

Back in May I had this revolutionizing, world-shattering, life-changing revelation. I usually live life walking on eggshells around people trying to maintain the peace and not upset anyone. But then I realized that I actually have things that I need to say, and sometimes (shocking, I know) I even have opinions. I have learned that I can say what I think and it doesn’t necessarily hurt people. I’m entitled to my own opinion and people can take it or leave it, it doesn’t hurt them to hear it. So why do I worry that people would be offended if I tell them that I don’t want to go a certain place or do a specific thing or that I think a certain way about a situation? It’s so dumb! So I told this to my friend back in May and she started to laugh and asked when I figured that all out, I stared out the window deep in thought and said, ‘yesterday’.


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