Oh The Life of a Nanny

This whole nannying thing, it’s a love hate relationship, really. I love that I can wake up, get dressed and get to work on time all within 15 minutes. I love that I get to work on my kickin’ bowling skills at 11am, and that I can take the kids to the pool and lay out all day (you wouldn’t believe the tan I’ve gotten this season). I love that I’m being paid to make the kids have fun. And I love that when I get to work I can open my computer and blog for hours and stalk all of my friends on facebook. I hope to start getting into the news, as of right now I depend on other people to keep me up to date. On the flip side, I hate that the parents and I see very differently on how punishment works, so I have to use their ineffective stupid ticket system. I hate the bratty attitude and inability to listen and obey. And I’m not a huge fan of arguing with children – and playing referee. I love these kids, I really do, but man alive they can rub me the wrong way for sure.

Well one thing is for sure, this is a pretty great form of birth control! Not that I’m particularly worried. Actually it was just yesterday that Phoebe looked at me and goes, ‘Listen Em, I want a nefew or a niece. And I need you to make that happen.’ I looked at her and said, ‘You just want a younger person that you can boss around.’ She goes, ‘Uhh yeah!’ Then she pretends to be talking to the niece, ‘You can’t go cause you’re not old enough! HA!’ Oh Phoebe. She can’t wait to have someone to boss around. But for real, I’m 22 folks. This is the time where I officially get to be irresponsible, do we really think I’m ready to raise a child? Right, so back off!

But in all seriousness, nannying is the best job to have.


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