Coffee in hand and head spinning

It has come to my attention that the fall is quickly coming. At the beginning of the summer (which for me was like May 5) it seemed like eons away. And now it’s just about two weeks out. And with the fall comes a whole new stage of life. Well maybe it’s a continued stage that got broken up by the summer. Either way, fall is coming and I have a few fears about it. They’re not bad, it’s just going to be very different. And I don’t really like ‘different’ so much.

Last year I went to a new school, met all new people, developed awesome new friendships and began to grow attached to the school. I must say, I never got too attached to UVA while I was there; but since I’ve been gone over the summer, I must say I love that school.

SIDE NOTE: I’m actually beginning to think I might have some blue and orange in my blood. One good friend from school LOVES UVa, and wasn’t about to graduate without making sure I had the same appreciation. She did her job well! Ok, but my love for THE university is besides the point.

The fear is that because a majority of the people that I became so close to are graduated, I feel like I almost have to start over. Now, luckily for me, over the years I have been able to get fairly good at maintaining long distance friendships; so I’m not too concerned that those friendships will just die, they will just be different. Long and the short of it is, I’m nervous – and I don’t want to start over…but I don’t think I have a choice.

In other news, I’m listening to a lot more Misty Edwards. Earlier this summer, I pretty much nixed any music that might convict me to move forward to a place I didn’t want/wasn’t ready to go. I’m that girl who would rather figure the answers out on her own, in her own time. Well, I mean it worked…ish, but was probably not the best way. I mean, really, I’m pretty sure all you need in life is the Bible and a little Watchman Nee. Ok so you don’t need anything other than Jesus – but I love me some Watchman Nee. Anyways, recently I’ve cracked open the iTunes and am finding that I should have been listening to this music a long time ago. Some people can really write songs and hit the nail on the head. I love it. It’s just all about Jesus, there really is nothing else. My new motto: pick a side – for or against Jesus – then stick your butt to it.


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