But Seriously…

But for real let’s get down to business. On a more serious note (than my previous two entries), this summer has kicked me in the butt more than just once. Well, maybe not the season of the year (though I did start off with a horrendous sunburn) but more like this season of my life. I feel, at this time, like I have again come to a new realization.

You know how when something huge happens to you, good or bad, you are constantly thinking about it. Like say there’s a blip in the radar in a friendship and as you’re going through all the emotions and feelings of the situation it is impossible to feel for other people going through their own stuff. Ok so a while back as I was going through a certain situation I was overwhelmed with my own emotions and feelings  and the drama…oh the drama…that I couldn’t sympathize with a close friend of mine who was going through something in her own life that was so tough. I literally was so self-concerned that I couldn’t really feel for her. How bizarre! Not to mention selfish! Granted, I think it’s normal and right to figure out things in your own life and get things in order, and your life back on track with the Lord. But if we’re not careful we can really become someone who is constantly so self-concerned that we forget about the people in our lives.

This has been a thought for a while, since my friend has been going through this situation. At first I just talked to her as a third party, black and white scenario, not really caring about her feelings and emotional ties to the situation. I felt bad but I just felt like I legitimately couldn’t be there to emotionally support her. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, I did the best I could.

I guess now I’m just trying to say that I’m getting to a place where I can really feel again. The situation that my friend is in really breaks my heart and I’m really able to connect with her and talk with her and be there for her.  Over and over I have learned and have been reassured that the Lord is faithful and just and His ways are so much better than my own. As is His timing. Things are coming together and wounds are being healed. Even wounds that had been ripped open multiple times, they heal too.


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