A Challenge

My sister challenged me to counter balance my last post and write my favorite things. So I shall rise to the challenge and produce the list. Now the list may be a bit biased to the summertime, being as that’s what is most prevalent currently.

1. Sea food boil (you steam shrimp, sausage, corn, crab legs, and potatoes, then dump out all the food on a long table outside and eat with your hands. no plates, no silverware, lots of butter and cocktail sauce) SO GOOD

2. Laying out by the pool reading the Bible listening to my iPod.

3. Stories. I love telling them and possibly love even more, hearing them.

4. One-on-one time. what can I say, I’m a quality time kind of girl.

5.  Heineken Light. ‘nuf said.

6. My family. There are a lot of us, and it makes for some awesome times.


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