Let’s Get on the Same Page Here

As I begin this new blog, I thought it might be beneficial to make sure that you can see where I’m coming from. See sometimes I have things to say that are too long for a facebook status, yet not really ‘note’ worthy, thus I have decided that blogging is the way to go. I think that the best way to start this is to talk about some basic things that have recently come to my attention about myself: my pet-peeves. So as to start this cyber-relationship the following list outlines a few things that can really make or break any real-life friendship we might actually have. 😉

1. I can’t stand when people chew with their mouths open (especially, but not limited to, chips and gum).

2. While we’re on the eating subject, it bothers me when people make awkward sounds when eating (like heavy breathing or slurping sounds).

3. Singing one line of a song over and over again and getting the lyrics wrong makes me a crazy person.

4. “mmk” is fine when verbally used – not ok via text.

5. When jewelry matches a shirt to the EXACT shade I can’t take the person seriously (although this might actually be a jealousy thing, cause I think I actually would do it if I had the option. But because I can’t do it, I hate when others do it. Hey, I never said this was a fair list – I’m just stating the facts).

6. I want to punch people who tell me to ‘calm down’ when I have a legit reason to be upset.

7. And I think it’s really weird and awkward when people take pics of themselves kissing their significant other. The only exception is wedding and engagement pics – except even then it’s someone else taking a pic of them, so that doesn’t bother me.

Ok well that about sums it up. I’m sure there are more, but those are the most important ones.


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